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PDF Files about or related to NPD

These are various .PDF files about or related to NPD. Some may be more helpful than others due to varying degrees of academic style and professional terminology. If you find any more that you'd like to add, by all means, leave a comment on this post.

  • A latant structure analysis of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Narcissistic Personality Disorder criteria by Andrea Fossati, Theodore P. Beauchaine, Federica Grazioli, Ilaria Carretta, Francesca Cortinovis, Cesare Maffei

  • Co-Narcissism: How We Accommodate to Narcissistic Parents by Alan Rappoport, Ph.D.

  • Identifying Narcissistic Personality Disorders in Preadolescents by Jean-Marc Guilé, MD

  • Assessing Suicidal Youth With Antisocial, Borderline, or Narcissistic Personality Disorder by Paul S Links, MD, Brent Gould, MD, Ruwan Ratnayake

  • Narcissism Book of Quotes by Sam Vaknin and Femfree

  • NPD exerpt from Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders, Second Edition by Aaron T. Beck, Arthur Freeman, and Denise D. Davis

  • Narcissism and resistance to doubts about romantic partners by Joshua D. Foster, W. Keith Campbell

  • Individual differences in narcissism: Inflated self-views across the lifespan and around the world by Joshua D. Foster, W. Keith Campbell, and Jean M. Twenge

  • Mental Health Problems and Child Maltreatment: Parents with Personality Disorders by Kathleen Coulborn Faller, Ph.D., ACSW Chyrell D. Bellamy, MSW

  • Recent Research On Narcissistic Personality Disorder Internet Mental Health: Editor's Choice

  • Parental Destructive Narcissism by Nina W. Brown, Ed.D., L.P.C, N.C.C.

  • Do Others Bring Out the Worst in Narcissists?: The "Others Exist for Me" Illusion by Constantine Sedikides, W. Keith Campbell, Glenn D. Reeder, Andrew J. Elliot, Aiden P. Gregg

  • NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER by Dr. Maria Hsia Chang, Professor, Political Science, University of Nevada, Reno

  • Pessimistic Mood in Decompensated Narcissistic Patient by Ping-Suen Yang, MD, Tiao-Lai Huang, MD

  • Shedding Light on the Dark Triad of Personality: Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychopathy by Delroy L. Paulhus, Kevin Williams, and Peter Harms, University of British Columbia

  • NARCISSISM: What it is and how to recognize it by Laura Dawn Lewis

  • Two Faces of Narcissism by Paul Wink, University of California, Berkeley

  • Narcissism, Confidence, and Risk Attitude by W. KEITH CAMPBELL, ADAM S. GOODIE and JOSHUA D. FOSTER, University of Georgia, USA

  • Suicidality in DSM IV cluster B personality disorders. An overview. by Maurizio POMPILI, Amedeo RUBERTO, Paolo GIRARDI e Roberto TATARELLI

  • Psychophysiological characteristics of narcissism during active and passive coping by ROBERT M. KELSEY, SIDNEY R. ORNDUFF, CHRISTINA M. McCANN, and SARAH REIFF

  • Too Proud to Let Go: Narcissistic Entitlement as a Barrier to Forgiveness by Julie Juola Exline, Brad J. Bushman, Roy F. Baumeister, W. Keith Campbell, Eli J. Finkel

  • Affect Centered Therapy for Narcissistic Personality Disorder

  • Does Self-Love Lead to Love for Others? A Story of Narcissistic Game Playing by W. Keith Campbell, Eli J. Finkel, Craig A. Foster

  • Impulsivity and the Self-Defeating Behavior of Narcissists by Simine Vazire, David C. Funder

  • Narcissism and Comparative Self-Enhancement Strategies by W. Keith Campbell, Glenn D. Reeder, Constantine Sedikides, Andrew J. Elliot

  • Narcissism, Sexual Refusal, and Aggression: Testing a Narcissistic Reactance Model of Sexual Coercion by Brad J. Bushman, Angelica M. Bonacci, Mirjam van Dijk, Roy F. Baumeister

  • Are Normal Narcissists Psychologically Healthy?: Self-Esteem Matters by Constantine Sedikides, Aiden P. Gregg, Eric A. Rudich, Madoka Kumashiro, Caryl Rusbult

  • Early Maladaptive Schemas and Cognitive Distortions in Psychopathy and Narcissism by Cristian Torres

  • Narcissism and Childhood Recollections: A Quantitative Test of Psychoanalytic Predictions by Lorna J. Otway, Vivian L. Vignoles

  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Japanese Americans: A Review of the Literature by John "Ash" Bowie

    (Note: You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to open these files. Click Here to download it for free.)
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