Lesley (competewithno1) wrote in npd_family,

Research Opportunity. CAREGIVER for someone with a personality disorder?

I have been emailing back and forth with Paige regarding this research. I do not know them personally so use discretion if need be. That said is there anyone who would like to do this?

Are you the caregiver of a loved one with a personality disorder? Research opportunity!

You are invited to participate in a 30-minute online survey!

You are eligible for this study if:
• You are actively involved in supporting your loved one’s recovery and wellbeing.
• Your loved one has been diagnosed with a personality disorder by a mental health care professional.
• You have contact with your loved one at least once a week.
• You have been caregiving for at least a year.

We are not looking for responses from:
• Those diagnosed with a personality disorder.
• Those caring for a loved one with an undiagnosed or self-diagnosed personality disorder.
• Those caring for a loved one with a mental illness that is not a personality disorder.
• Those who have contact with their loved one less than once a week.
• Those who have been caregiving for less than a year.

Participating involves completing online questionnaires about yourself and your experiences with caregiving.

All responses will be kept confidential and secure.

Complete the survey and enter to win one of four $50 CAD gift cards for Amazon.com!

Contact Paige Lamborn for more information at: lamborn@uwindsor.ca

This study has received clearance from the University of Windsor Research Ethics Board.

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