amielou31 (amielou31) wrote in npd_family,

Probably should not feel kind of sort of good that this is happening...

The NPD in my world is my husband's sister. We have been together for seven years, married for five, and her games have focused on me for about six of those years.

Suddenly, in the last couple of months, the tables have turned and for the first time in his life, my husband is on the receiving end of her garbage. It is pretty small right now, but I'm sure it will escalate.

Basically, for two months, she has completely ignored him. She has not returned a single phone message or answered a single email from him (yes, email, my adorable husband is card carrying Luddite). The two times we were supposed to see her, she canceled via a third party to avoid actually talking to him.

Last night, we had dinner with their parents. My husband mentioned this behavior to them. My mother-in-law's response:

She has been whining and moaning and at one point turned on tears about how he won't communicate with her and why does he hate her now.

And, in an even better turn of events, mother-in-law closed her comments with this: "god, she pisses me off".

Basically, some other behaviors toward her parents and regarding her personal life, combined with her suddenly playing games with my husband, seem to be the last straw. She has driven all three of them over the edge. For the first time in six years, I am not sitting here listening to her parents and my husband make excuses for her. No more "that's just sister-in-law" and no more "you have to understand that..." and no more believing her BS stories that everything wrong in her life and with her business is because of all the evil people plotting against her. Suddenly, they all have clarity. They have all realized that it is not possible that every single person or company she has ever rented property from (4 sites for her business and 14 residences in 12 years) is insane and incompetent. They have realized that the huge number of men she has dated in the last 20 years cannot all be mentally ill. They have even realized that she is responsible for pretty much everything wrong with her life.

And all this without me ever saying a word. It is like the sun has come out. Not sure it will change anything, but it is a relief to not be privately pounding my head against a wall. 

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