ava (tisha313) wrote in npd_family,

NPD feels that they validate your life

Nothing in my life is validated unless my mother witnesses me doing something or has proof. It can be as simple as me doing household chores. If she wasn't there watching me vacuum the carpet, mopping the floors and cleaning off the countertops then I have not done anything in her eyes, and I am likely to be a liar. She is like that with anything. She has to validate me in order for anything to be right or truth. When I was taking courses at college, both of my parents, (they both have undiagnosed bpd/npd) accused me of lying about going to class, and said that I wasn't doing anything but running the streets all day. I also remember when Iived on my own, my mother argued that the only time I cleaned was when she came to visit me. I fell into the trap and argued that I cleaned on a regular basis, and kept my apartment quite neat even w/o her supervision, but it couldn't be true because she wasn't able to witness me doing this everyday. Still in her mind, I rarely cleaned and my apartment was always a mess.

Does anyone else experience this with their npd family members?

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