Cold Spaghetti (coldspaghetti) wrote in npd_family,
Cold Spaghetti

New show on A&E

Has anyone seen the previews for the TV show Monster-In-Laws on A&E? Based on the commercials, it looks like we're going to see a lot of parents with NPD on this show.

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I cringe every time the commercials come on. I wont be watching. I've got enough drama with my own N's. BUT! If A&E wanted to pay me to interact with my N's. Fine! I could use the money and I think my N's would be horrified to see themselves as I/others see them. That is after their charm wears off and their true colors start to show.
Really? You think your N's would be horrified? Mine would probably blame the producers for editing to make them look bad. Nothing is ever her fault.