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Just had one of those revelatory moments.

BPDfamily.com was talking about having trouble with authority figures that exhibit BPD-behavior. See here. http://tinyurl.com/6c25487

I just realized that I act out towards people that behave like N!father. In the past, I've acted out on the DL. I'd keep quotes about civil disobedience at my cubicle and other such silliness.

One previous boss jumps quickly to mind. She'd assign tasks, but micromanage and muddy up the waters. If it went well, she take all the credit. If I didn't, it was "our fault." She asked one of my co-workers if she was "still taking her meds" in front of other people to embarrass her. Somehow, she's retained her job and is still treating people the same way. From what I've been told, many people have quit because they can't deal with her and her outrageous behavior, but her boss won't see she has the problem. She reminds me SO much of the father its scary.

So now I realize people that exhibit these behaviors trigger something within me. Its probably been this way for years and I've just now get it.
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