joesgirl152 (joesgirl152) wrote in npd_family,


So one of my ideas with dealing with my N sister is humor. When she says something mean, just say wow, you should be on one of those shows where they have to break bad news to people. You are so good at getting right to the point no matter. lol I don't know if it's a good strategy but otherwise, what do you say? No point in defending yourself or trying to reason with her.

Anyway...I thought I'd share this comment that she posted on my brothers facebook for his birthday. It sums up the attitude of a NPD person exactly. Always about them!

"Happy Birthday. I can't believe you didn't come and hang out with me. Its like you don't love me at all..."
It made me laugh. I guess thats good...maybe I'm getting to a good place and detaching!
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