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I've been in the RN program for the past couple of weeks. So far everything is going well, passed my first exam, did so-so on another.

NDad definitely has a psychological condition, he is literally obsessed with painting my situation in the most negative light as possible. Everyday he goes online and looks up negative concepts to tie into my current sitaution.Its a terrible compulsion that he can't seem to control.  Most recently he linked me living at home and going to RN school with being a houseslave, and went on this long rambling incoherent lecture about how the houseslave was allowed to learn how to read, write, and get higher education. I try to tune him out but his lectures are very aggravating.  He even tries to discourage me from studying by making comments that I have an addiction to studying and that there is more to life than "college". I have to finish what I started or else I'll be stuck with massive student loans, debt and NOTHING to show for it.

It's clear to me that he is going through some kind of depression related to old age, and other factors and is projecting it onto me. Next week, he'll go online and find some more negative concepts to lecture me about.
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