RhiannonMai (rhiannonmai) wrote in npd_family,

"Why haven't you 'friended' me yet?"

Some of you had seen my posts before. Where my N-sibling is rather frustrated with me because I wont 'friend' her on FB.

So, Sib #2 sent me this FB message with the subject line: WTF?
She continues with:
"So here's what I'm trying to figure out. Enlighten me. I am not your "Friend" on facebook but just about everybody else is? I have sent you many requests. Kinda speaks volumes, doesn't it. "

I usually don't fall for the emotional blackmail my N's try to pull on me. But  hadn't had my coffee yet this morning and in a weak moment this sent her a response.
"Stan enplanes all. I don't like South Park but this one is actually funny."

I haven't heard from her yet. So I don't know if the silence is "Golden" or deafening
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